Mediability Corporate Communications
Who We Are

We believe in team work

We have a team approach to projects. We know our stuff and we enjoy the process. We have consistently delivered success. The projects we work on range in size and scope from simple web pages to comprehensive sales proposals. The best ones are always fun, always challenging and always rewarding.

While well versed and experienced in the many facets of our profession, we are not all things to all people. We are very selective about the projects in which we participate. This ensures that we can offer the dedicated service and commitment our clients deserve and keep our team of creative professionals happy, motivated and inspired in the pursuit of their life's work—the result of which is consistently strong. We've been recognized for our work locally, provincially, and nationally. Shuswap Women in Business named Wallace Richmond 2011's Outstanding Woman in Business.

We have a code of ethics

Client confidentiality. truth in advertising. respect of intellectual property. best practices. professional conduct.

We have a purpose and mission

Focus on one issue at a time. do one brave thing everyday. learn from every experience. go to yoga. get some exercise. eat properly. practice kindness. love what you do. laugh. ask for help. act. don't react. think to improve. lead by example. say please and thank you. be fair. be honest. be good. believe.